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Mountain weddings, especially those in Vail, are nothing short of incredible. While it’s almost a guarantee that you and your guests will have an amazing time, there are a few steps you can take shortly after getting engaged to ensure that your day is as memorable and wonderful as possible. Of course, when it’s time to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your big day, contact Sleepy Fox Photography!

Hire a Planner

While you may be confident in your ability to plan a wedding all on your own, you may not have the expertise a wedding planner has when it comes to planning your dream day in the mountains. Once you and your fiance sit down and have a serious discussion about what you want the wedding to be like, you can start to piece together the various details neither of you feel you can go without. Once you have an idea, it’s time to find a wedding planner. Check online or ask friends for their recommendations, then set up interviews. Your ideal wedding planner will be able to save you money, save you time, and capture the vision you have in mind.

Set Your Budget

Weddings in Vail aren’t necessarily cheap! Once you have chosen your wedding planner, it’s time to figure out what your budget is. Fortunately for you, your planner will likely be able to guide you as you write out your budget and point out where you can save. Setting the budget is the most important part, even before selecting your venue.

Use Pinterest

It may sound cliche, but using resources like Pinterest and bridal magazines can help your wedding planner get a clearer idea of what you are imagining and give you more focus when making your decisions. For example, knowing what floral arrangements match your theme best will keep you focused and ready to choose the right bouquets when the time comes without feeling too overwhelmed with new information. These tools are useful for choosing a wedding dress style, decoration options, and color palette choices. You can show these to your vendors so they really have a clear idea of how you want everything to look.

Make a Top List

Whether it be your top three or top five, both you and your fiance have must-haves for your wedding. Each of you will have different priorities when it comes down to it. Compare your lists once you have them written and work through any compromises you need to. If you want a mountain wedding with a reception at a ski resort, and your fiance cares more about having a live band and a dance floor, make sure that your fiance is on the same page! You two can compromise by finding a resort with enough space for both a band and dancing room.


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Find Your Venue

Once you have your needs and wants straightened out, especially with a wedding planner on your side, you can start working towards finding your dream mountain wedding location. Your wedding planner can guide you to the perfect wedding venues that can save you the headache of searching and hours of driving. Of course, anywhere in the mountains would be an excellent choice. Just keep in mind all the intricacies of your wedding and what you will do in case of a weather emergency, should it happen.

Making a Weather Plan

Always have a backup plan! The weather in Colorado, especially in Vail, can vary no matter what season or what time of day it is. It can be warm in the middle of winter, and it can be snowing in the heart of summer. Make sure that your bridal party is well aware of this fact and that they are prepared to handle any weather situation. Communicate this to your guests, as well. Of course, if you are planning on holding an outdoor ceremony, inclement weather must always be accounted for. This means you need to make sure the staff has enough time to move anything you had set up outdoors inside in case of a weather emergency. Explore your weather options ahead of time, and always expect the worst.

Think About Your Guests

Altitude sickness is a very real problem for many people, so keep this in mind for your older guests or any guests who may be traveling from sea level. Encourage everyone to enjoy the sights, but keep in mind that the altitude isn’t going to feel great for everyone.

The Must-Haves For Guests

When having an outdoor ceremony in the mountains, there are three things you need to have for everyone. First of all, water is a must. Dehydration is very common in such a dry environment, and you don’t want any guests to get sick due to lack of water. Second, have sunscreen available for everyone. Even 30 minutes outside at those sorts of high altitudes can really burn! Third, keep bug spray on hand. Mosquitos can be quite persistent and irritating.

Your Photographer

If you want to get married in such a stunning place as the mountains, then you are going to want to remember all the splendor of your big day. It’s important to hire a professional photographer who is accustomed to the altitude, knows how to produce the best photographs, and can ensure that you and your spouse look incredible in every photo. Contact Sleepy Fox Photography today to learn more about how we can help you create and remember the mountain wedding of your dreams!