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Congratulations on your engagement! As you go through the wedding planning process, you’ll probably create a nice, long list of things you need to get done: finding a florist, choosing your dress, picking a venue, and selecting the perfect photographer to capture your special day. The challenge in choosing a wedding photographer comes from when you get the finished product. You won’t know exactly what you are getting until your wedding is over and everything is said and done. This means that there are a few factors you need to keep in mind before you choose the photographer who will best match your needs.

What Style are You Looking for?

In twenty years from now, when you and your spouse decide to reminisce about your wedding and look through the old photos, what do you hope to see? That’s the style that you are looking for. Here are some of the most popular styles to choose from:

  • Documentary: These photos are never posed. You can expect the kinds of candid shots that really capture the moments of your wedding, rather than everyone stopping to look at the camera and smile. These are the pictures of you hugging the bridal party, you and your spouse looking lovingly at one another while the best man gives his speech, and your mother helping you adjust your dress or your tie. The snapshots of little moments and settings will blend perfectly together to tell a story for years to come.
  • Portraiture: Some people prefer to have posed shots with their spouse, the bridal party, and the rest of the family. They are considered more classic portraits, but that doesn’t mean that the photographer can’t get creative with the shot. For example, if you and your partner want a photo near one of the stunning lakes in Estes park, a portrait photographer can make that happen. Whether your style is laid-back and silly or classic and refined, you can team up with your photographer to choose the perfect setting and capture an image that will define your wedding day. Not to mention, it’s almost guaranteed that you and your spouse will look incredible in all of these shots.
  • Fine Art: These photos are very similar to the documentary photos, but they tend to have a bit more of an artistic spin rather than a photojournalist spin. For example, you can expect the same subject matter, but perhaps with a less conventional point of view or perspective. These photographers may also experiment with using different lenses and alternating between digital and film. If you do select a fine art photographer, make sure to communicate any need you may have for portrait shots as well. Not all fine art photographers also capture portraits, so it’s best to know that information ahead of time.
  • Bold: If you aren’t into the traditional photos that come with weddings, consider finding an edgier and bolder photographer to capture the details of your special day. These shots may be tilted, they might have objects in the foreground with the couple in the back, or they may just be captured from unconventional angles. For example, you might have a photo from directly above the bride applying her makeup or a focused shot of the bridesmaid’s bouquet with her blurred figure in the background. These are less traditional shots, so make sure to communicate your expectations before hiring.

No matter what your preferred style is, knowing what you desire will ensure you can find a photographer who meets your expectations. Look through their portfolios and find photos that you find particularly beautiful. If you are impressed with the entire collection, you may have found a good potential photographer!

Look Locally

You can start searching for the perfect wedding photographer by looking through local listings and checking out the photographer’s’ site. This will help you find photos of weddings that they’ve shot, as well as give you a good idea about their style. Of course, looking locally will help you contact the photographer without much effort, and you know that he or she will be able to make it to your wedding. For example, for those of you looking to get married in Vail, you may want to choose a photographer located in that area to ensure he or she doesn’t get altitude sickness!


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Arrange to Interview the Photographer

As much as you might love a photographer’s work, you need to make sure that they are available on your wedding day. You will also want to check that the cost of their services are within your budget! Interviewing a potential photographer is always a great choice, because even if they are already busy on your wedding day, they may be able to recommend another photographer with a similar style. Choose about three to five photographers to interview. This way, you can find which one meets your vision best, as well as whose personality is going to be the best to work with on your big day.

Request to Look at Full Wedding Albums

While the website might feature some select photos from many other weddings, they aren’t the full album. Request to see a full wedding book to really get the big picture, especially albums from weddings that took place in a similar venue as what you are planning. For example, if you are looking to book a cabin in Breckenridge for your wedding, try to find wedding photography albums from that area. This way, you can tell that the photographer knows what they are doing in that setting in regards to the light, the staging, and the focus. Of course, don’t neglect to use a critical eye when looking at these photos. The little details in someone else’s photos may go unnoticed to you, but we can guarantee that they won’t go unnoticed when it’s your wedding photography.

Make Sure You Get Along

It’s very important that you get along with your photographer! You want someone who understands your vision and gets excited by your ideas. However, you also want a professional who knows what will look the best in any setting, especially the one you choose. Your photographer should be able to instruct you on exactly what to do to give you best result and have you take the direction happily. The last thing you want is a photographer who won’t give you direction and all your photos turn out horribly. You want a photographer who will go exactly where they need to for the perfect shot while still keeping you and your guests comfortable. They will likely be following your every move, so the more comfortable you are with them, the more likely you are to have a pleasant and happy experience during your big day.

Ask About Your Shooters

Many larger photography studios will have associates who shoot along with the main photographer. If you are having a larger wedding, you may want to consider having two or even three photographers to capture everything happening. For example, you could have one photographer with the bride, another with the groom, and the third capturing the guests mingling. Always ask your photographer if they will be bringing assistants to help with the photography.

Compare the Prices and Packages

Many photographers will offer different wedding packages that you can choose from. That way, you can always fit it within your budget guidelines. When you go through the interview process, make sure to ask what sorts of prices they ask for, as well as what is included in each of their photography packages. You want to make sure that the photographer will be free for as long as your event takes. If the package has a set time limit, make sure that you will be able to extend the time if needed – but do note that this may cost overtime.

Know Your Rights

You are signing a contract with an artist, and that artist has rights to the photos they took. This means that the photos of your wedding, and even of you, can be used promotionally by your photographer on their website or wherever they would like. Most photographers have a policy stating that you can only share watermarked images or images with their credit on them, so keep that in mind before throwing your photos out to social media. If you want to print the images yourself or order an album through a company that is not your photographer, you will likely need to purchase the rights to the photos.

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