The most challenging aspect of any portrait photography shoot is not about choosing the perfect lighting, background or mood. The most challenging part is capturing the unique personality of the subjects themselves.

Whether the focus of the image is the precious first child of a new couple, the marking of the milestone of high school graduation, or the excitement of a couple’s engagement, the purpose is to capture the unique qualities of the person, or people, portrayed.

Understanding the desire to truly capture the person as well as a moment in time, I approach your portrait session with respect and, as a professional photographer, I feel privileged to handle such a responsibility for you and your family.

My portrait shoots are centered around the subject, which is why I am available for in-studio and on-site sessions. Taking the time to make sure that everyone is comfortable and free to be the wonderful, vibrant spirit they are, I strive to make portraits come alive with light and personality.

Contact Your Local Photographer

If you have a specific request for a personal portrait shoot, including engagement photos, graduation portraits or maternity or infant sessions, I would love to hear from you. I invite you to call me or use my online form to contact me for a free personal consultation where we’ll discuss your unique needs for family portrait photography.