Sleepy Fox Photography

With a lifelong passion for art and painting, my unique perspective is what I believe makes my photography stand out. To every image, I hope to add a peaceful, ethereal quality that conveys the inherent beauty of both natural and manmade forms.

Uniquely experienced in wedding photography as well as fashion and editorial photography, my work incorporates elements of fine art and high-end fashion.

My art is especially apparent in:


Wedding Photography

Spotlighting your unique qualities as a couple, your wedding photography should reflect the magic of the best day of your lives. Incorporating nature, art and fashion in the right amounts, each image is tailored to your personality, creating mementos that will last a lifetime. 

Fashion & Editorial Photography

Inspired by fine art, painting and nature, my fashion shoots almost always take place outdoors. Utilizing natural light and environmental qualities, each image is handcrafted to create the ethereal vibe that many of my long-term clients desire. My editorial shoots produce professional, high-end images that push the limits of basic editorial photography. Though created to meet the exacting standards of both print and digital media platforms, my editorial work is only limited by our collective imagination. Find out more about my extensive experience, spanning a number of commercial industries, by calling for your initial consultation now.

Portrait Photography

Working to always capture the unique personality of my subject, our personal portrait shoot together is structured so that you feel your truest self without feeling exposed or vulnerable. It is my goal to always design your portraits in such a way as to ensure that the moment in time will come across decades from now. With both indoor and outdoor photography being a talent of mine, we can hold your session wherever you feel speaks to you and who you are. From maternity and infant photos, to graduation and engagement shoots, it is my pleasure and my privilege to be included during this special time of your life.