Written by marketing 360

Whether you are wanting to take engagement photos, pregnancy announcement photos, or even pictures of your newborn, then Sleepy Fox Photography is the one to call. Our photographer is ready to capture the special moments in your life! When preparing for a portrait photography shoot, you might be asking yourself, “what should I wear?” This is a common question that many people ask, so don’t be worried. Here are few guidelines to follow when choosing your outfit for your shoot.

Avoid Light Colors

In a photograph, the human eye is naturally drawn towards the lightest part of the photo. That’s why, as a photographer, I do my best to ensure that my subjects’ faces are the brightest and most captivating part of the picture. In order to make this easier for all of us – and make it more likely for you to love the finished product – do your best to avoid white or lightly colored clothing. Of course, if this is an engagement shoot and the bride would like to wear white, that is acceptable!

Simple is Best

In order to avoid the eye going straight to your shirt, try to avoid wearing clothing with large logos or wild designs – unless, of course, the logos were meant to correlate with the photos. Loud colors, busy stripes, dramatic plaid, and other bold clothing will draw more attention to the clothes than the person in the shots. If these portraits are meant to signify a life event, then you may want to skip anything that stands out too much.

Coordination is Encouraged

If you are interested in a family photo session, you will want to consider coordinating the colors of your outfits before the photo shoot. When everyone is allowed to choose whatever color they would like, the end result is oftentimes an odd collection of mismatched and clashing colors. Even if you don’t want your family to be dressed all alike, try to stick to one part of the color wheel to ensure that everyone matches well enough to make the photo look cohesive.

Think About Your Kids

This portrait session might be about your kids, and if so, keep that in mind when dressing them! Little girls in dresses are rarely great about being mindful of their underwear, so if this sounds like your little girl, give her some leggings to wear underneath the dress to give you some peace of mind. Babies may also make messes during the photo shoot, so bring several outfits just to be on the safe side.

Your Trusted Photographer

When it comes to finding a photographer who can capture you and your loved ones in the best way possible, it’s time to contact Sleepy Fox Photography. We can turn your vision into a reality, and we will not rest until we have the perfect photos to capture this time of your life. Contact us today to schedule your photos hoot. Also, please be sure to check out our portfolio to see how our style can match your needs.