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When planning your wedding, we know that you are thinking about all of the little details. From the decorations to the flowers, you are likely carefully selecting each and every part of your special day. So, when it comes to documenting one of the biggest celebrations of your life, why settle for anything less than the best? Oddly enough, some brides feel as though hiring a professional photographer is not worth the money that they would have to spend, or they don’t believe the quality of the photos to be of that much importance. However, we’ve seen many brides who decide to save some cash by hiring a friend or family member to take the photos end up frustrated and depressed about the outcome of the photos.

Here are a few of our reasons to hire a professional photographer instead of a friend or relative with a standard digital camera:


A professional photographer is under a contract to deliver a product. That means that they are guaranteed to show up on your wedding day – or if they can’t, they will find a replacement to do so for them. Friends can flake out and say they aren’t feeling well, that the weather isn’t good enough to make the trip, or that their child has had a fever all morning and they can’t come. Regardless, even if a professional photographer has any of these issues, you can be certain that they will send another photographer who is just as prepared to take over in their place.


Your photographer has likely spent thousands of hours photographing weddings just like yours. They know exactly how to find those perfect shots that you and your significant other will love for years to come, such as the mothers of the happy couple sharing a laugh, or the groom staring at his bride with adoration and excitement. These photographers can ensure that you get the best possible photographs, even when the lighting isn’t ideal. You can hire a friend to take your photos, but unless they are a professional, you might not be thrilled with the outcome. It can lead to missed photo opportunities and shots that cannot be fixed, even with editing.

Amazing Photos

When you hire a photographer, they will work endlessly to give you photos you love. A friend may just hand you the prints after all is said and done, but a professional will spend hours editing each shot and allow you to choose your favorites. Since this is their business, they want to give you the best possible product – especially because they know that if you enjoyed the photos they gave you, then you might recommend their photography company to your friends.


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Photographers know that problems can happen. Whether your infant niece grabbed the camera and broke it or the memory card got lost on the trip to the mountains, your photographer will have backups of everything. Professional photography equipment does not come cheap, however, so it’s important to note that a friend may not have the replacement equipment they need in case of an emergency. With a professional, you can feel at ease on your big day. They have all the details, equipment, and backup equipment taken care of.

Assessing What’s Important

Of all the things you could sacrifice on your big day, you do not want to compromise or settle on your wedding photographer. At the end of your wedding day, you will want to look back and know you made the right financial choices. We have yet to find a bride who would have rathered she spent all her wedding budget on flowers over her photographer. If the cost is an obstacle, think about the other things you can negotiate on. Maybe you can choose a different wedding cake baker, or a more affordable caterer. Your photographs are the enduring proof of that special day, so you will want to be sure they are as wonderful as they can be.

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