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When it comes to breaking into fashion photography and modeling, it’s important to be prepared. Not only do you need to know how to pose, but you also need to know who your audience is and why you are modeling. If you are looking for high fashion photography, we know that we can help. Contact Sleepy Fox Photography today to set up your session with us. If you are looking for posing tips for how to look your absolute best in your photographs, read on to learn more!

The Mirror is Your Best Friend

The longer you spend in front of the mirror shifting your body and your face into your desired poses, the easier they will be to recreate during your photo shoot. Try to imagine that the mirror is the camera lens. You can more clearly see what your photographer will, and you can consider what will be seen from various angles. For example, having a good understanding of how photos work will be to your advantage. If your hand is the closest thing to the camera, that also means that your hand will likely be the largest item in the photo. Keeping this in mind is a good way to picture how the finished product will look.

Stay Aware of Your Limbs

Squeezing your limbs tightly into your body will cause the skin and muscle to spread out, causing the appearance of fat. By holding your arms out just a bit away from your body, you create the appearance of long, slender arms. This is a basic cheat that can make a world of difference!

Understand Light

When it comes to fashion photography, it is likely that your photographer will have everything lined up properly for the best shot. However, you may be moving around. Keep in mind where the light source is, as well as what shadows might be caused by you moving in a certain direction. Will tilting your head cause a shadow of your nose to go across your whole face? Will moving your arm darken half of the product you are trying to feature? Play with light and shadows in the mirror to see how your movement affects the results.

Know Where to Look

If you are posing in a way where your head is turned away from the camera, check to see that your eyes aren’t awkwardly straining to one side or another. This causes an awkward amount “whitespace” in your eyes, which can lead to a bug-eyed look. Try to always follow the line of your nose unless instructed to do otherwise.

Elongate Your Neck

By lifting your head and relaxing your shoulders, you can help create the appearance of height and poise. This is one of the hardest modeling tips to remember because it feels quite strange to actually do. However, if you look into the mirror while doing this trick, you can see how your neck instantly slims and any trace of a double chin vanishes. Yes, it feels weird, but we promise that the finished result is always gorgeous.

Know How to Angle Your Body

If the photographer is directly in front of you, then standing with your body turned at a diagonal is much much flattering than turning entirely sideways. This trick will help you lessen the width in the photo, but only if you are turning towards the shadow and not towards the light. The number one rule in modeling for fashion photography is, hide what you don’t want to be seen in the shadows. You can also create a “false waist” by positioning yourself and putting your hands on your “hips” – and by “hips,” we mean “wherever you wish your hips really are.” It can help draw in your waist than just your body angle alone.


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Think About Your Hands

Your hands are awkward when it comes to photography, but thinking about where they are placed can help them balance a photo. Fashion photographers will toss around the term “ballet hands,” but we know that isn’t very specific. Focus on keeping your middle finger lower than the others and allow your hand to curve gently. Try to avoid smushing your fingers together, and keep the sides of your hand displayed rather than the entire back of your hand. This is to ensure that your hands look smaller, instead of big and boisterous in the photo.

What are You Wearing, and Why?

If you have been hired to sell something in particular, make sure you are posing in a way that features the product, the outfit, or whatever it may be. Yes, you will want to look as stunning as possible, but you also need to keep in mind why you were hired in the first place for the photoshoot.

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