Atlanta wedding photographer – Aaryn + Mike

Aaryn and Mike met on Instagram liking and commenting on each other’s photos from across the country. Then, finally they met up over coffee and it was love at first sip. ;) I am so happy to capture their sweet love. Aaryn is a mixed media artist too, so staging and composing this shoot was so much fun! I can’t wait to see their wedding! California Wedding Photography IMG_4840.jpg IMG_4847.jpg IMG_4851.jpg IMG_4838.jpg IMG_4854.jpg IMG_4856.jpg IMG_4860.jpg IMG_4869.jpg IMG_4864.jpg IMG_4863.jpg IMG_4870.jpg IMG_4879.jpg IMG_4893.jpg IMG_4903.jpg IMG_4884.jpg IMG_4881.jpg IMG_4907.jpg IMG_4904.jpg IMG_4908.jpg IMG_4926.jpg IMG_4930.jpg IMG_4931.jpg IMG_4940.jpg IMG_4944.jpg IMG_4950.jpg IMG_4959.jpg IMG_4955.jpg IMG_4986.jpg IMG_5002.jpg IMG_4994.jpg IMG_4987.jpg IMG_4990.jpg IMG_5013.jpg IMG_5047.jpg IMG_5014.jpg IMG_5019.jpg IMG_5048.jpg IMG_5055.jpg IMG_5056.jpg IMG_5060.jpg IMG_5064.jpg IMG_5072.jpg IMG_5075.jpg IMG_5087.jpg IMG_5088.jpg IMG_5078.jpg IMG_5081.jpg IMG_5099.jpg IMG_5089.jpg IMG_5104.jpg IMG_5109.jpg IMG_5110.jpg California Wedding Photographer IMG_5112.jpg IMG_5137.jpg IMG_5124.jpg IMG_5128.jpg IMG_5145.jpg IMG_5150.jpg IMG_5153.jpg IMG_5155.jpg

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Atlanta Wedding Photographer

  • Jan - Lovely session Ginny! Perfect lighting and location. We are actually working with her sister, Amanda. Such beautiful sisters <3 Cool love story ;)ReplyCancel

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